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Types of Hearing Aids

Types of hearing aid:

There are different type of hearing aid available. Like BTE (Behind the ear)

Behind the ear hearing aid have multiple parts contained in a small plastic container that rests behind the ear.

The case is connected with a ear piece or a ear mould. The behind the ear hearing aid used for mild to profound hearing loss.

ITE( In the ear)

In the ear hearing aid fits inside the ear. It may be full shell or half shell depending upon patients choice and ear size.

ITC (In the canal)

In the canal hearing aid fits more deeply into the ear canal, because it is smaller than ITE hearing aid and obviously less visible.

RIC (Receiver in the canal)

Receiver in the canal hearing aid is miniature type of BTE hearing aid and instead of ear pieces one thin wire goes into the ear canal.

CIC (Completely in the canal)

Completely in the canal hearing aid is the smallest one and is kept in the ear canal. The batteries are also very small and may be difficult to handle by the aged people.

IIC (Invisible in the canal).

Invisible in the canal hearing aid is very tiny custom product and placed in the second bend of the ear canal. One small wire( pull cord) is connected with the hearing aid which helps to insert and remove.

Selecting a hearing aid that’s right for you depends upon a number of factors. Such as •The severity of hearing loss,
•Size and shape of your ear pinna and canal, •Personal preference ease of handling

•New hearing aid technologies.


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