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Technology of Hearing Aids

A hearing aid primarily consists of two types of electronic circuitry. They are Analogue or Conventional Analogue & Digital.

  • Conventional Analogue 

There are few automatic functions or flexibility available with this kind of circuitry. It is not feasible to configure the hearing aid; the volume is adjusted manually. Speech and background noise often get louder because the circuit treats both loud and soft sounds equally.

  • Digital 

Modern technology’s most cutting-edge solutions are digital devices. It can be programmed using a computer or a trimmer in more affordable models. A digital device offers the best flexibility for adjusting to individual hearing requirements and filtering out undesired sounds. These instruments’ performance can also adapt to the listener’s needs; for instance, they can analyze the ambient noise to enhance quiet conversation while reducing louder background noises like wind or traffic.

  • Digital Advantages

Excellent sound quality is ensured by digital sound processing, which also makes it feasible to design hearing instruments with improved processing capabilities. Among the benefits are the following:

  • Directionality

Advanced microphones used in directional technology can recognize sounds based on the direction they are coming from. Then, unwanted sounds coming from that direction can be diminished. For instance, sounds coming from behind are muffled, while sounds coming from the front, like speech, are magnified. The single most critical component for recognizing speech in noisy environments is directionality, as demonstrated by scientific research.

  • Feedback Cancellation

While a listener is wearing a hearing aid, feedback cancellation listens for screaming feedback. A digital canceling device thus reduces or eliminates moderate feedback.

  • Multiple Programs

Numerous hearing aids configures with a range of listening programs for various acoustic settings. You can quickly switch the program, for example, from silence to loud when you step outdoors onto a busy street by pressing a key on the remote control or the device providing you with assistance.

  • Noise Reduction

Some digital hearing aids have noise reduction processing that helps them distinguish between sounds like speech that the user probably wants to hear. In quiet areas, you can use noise reduction to muffle milder, frequently grating noises like the hum of computers, ventilation systems, and home appliances.


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