Initiative for Helping Senior Citizens with Hearing Impairments in Kolkata

One of the few problems that arise with age is deficiency in hearing. Hearing issues can range from subtle or less hearing to being absolutely deaf. This may happen in either ear or both in some cases. It is best that after a certain age one must pay a visit to ENT specialists and maintain themselves as per their guidance. Hearing aid centres host reputed ENT’s who possess adequate knowledge about these issues and with exclusive equipment they tend to find the exact reason behind the patient’s problem and treat them accordingly.

ENT Facilities in Kolkata

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• Centre

There are over 100 hearing aid centres in Kolkata – Equipped with specialised hearing specialists and ENTs. Both government affiliated hearing aid facilities in Kolkata and private hearing aid centres are there in Kolkata. The government in their hearing aid facilities in Kolkata emphasizes on the fact that along with the rich who can afford to go to private hearing aid centres, the economically backward classes are also able to have proper treatment from the best physicians at a reasonable price.

• Senior Citizens

With increase in population there is an increase in the number of senior citizens -simultaneously the demand for hearing aids have increased. Kolkata being a metro city where there is around a million footfall everyday mostly for the urge of sustaining a proper livelihood, medical facilities in the city always remain busy. It is no different picture for the facilities of Kolkata. Almost in every household in the city resides at least one senior citizen be it your parents, grandparents or others and among them one or more do suffer from hearing issues. These people really need to be taken care of and the hearing aids in Kolkata with their splendid work ethics have managed to reduce the problems of hundreds of households just like that.

• Facilities

Facilities in Kolkata have two kinds of hearing aids that are being supplied to the people in need.One of them is of is a little cheap, as it being manufactured here itself with the help of specialists that come here from abroad and impart their knowledge to technicians here. The second quality is expensive as these products are manufactured abroad and are imported here to supply to specific people on demand.

• Equipment

The facilities in the current date have unique and specialized equipment’s – Adding to the equipment’s are the proficient ENT specialists who hold at least five years of experience in their fields. These two factors make these facilities reliable to its people specially the senior citizens across the city. The locations of these centres are mostly close to public places like train stations, metro stations, schools, colleges, shopping malls etc.

This makes it easy for the people in the city to locate their nearest hearing aid centre and solve their issues as early as possible. Hearing aid centres in Kolkata run their business with a simple goal that is hearing is for all and it must be taken care with importance.