Reliable Hearing Aid Services To Enhance Your Quality Of Life

RK Hear Care is a premium healthcare provider dedicated to helping people achieve their hearing goals. With a rich legacy of over 20 years, we specialise in offering ear treatment in Kolkata which bespeaks our prowess in the hearing aid industry. Our range of hearing aid services includes hearing tests, assisting you in selecting the best hearing technology and providing hearing repairs. We are fully dedicated to making hearing possible for everyone battling with deafness. As a trusted computerised hearing aid dealer, we excel in offering hearing treatment in Kolkata which can be the ultimate answer for managing every hearing-related problem. We utilise the most advanced technology to provide our customers with affordable hearing products that fit well and boast of unique characteristics. By using our audiometer we can even test and evaluate the condition of your hearing. With us by your side, you can be assured of the best cure for your hearing problem.

Audiological Services & Tests

Audiometry (including speech , SISI, Tone Decay Test)
Tympanometry (Impedance Audiometry)
Free Field Audiometry
Aided Audiometry
Speech Therapy (Per Session)

Hearing Aid Related Services

Hearing Aid Dispensing
Digital Hearing Aid Programming
Hearing Aid Related Counselling
Hearing Aid Fitting & Maintenance Related Information
Hard and Soft Earmold
Repair/Servoce of defective hearing aid

Other Services

Home service for elderly people by appointment only
Health Checkup programme
Arrangement of Hearing testing in corporate houses and with NGOs
Hearing Aid Fitting & Maintenance Related Information
Bulk supply of Hearing aids at concessional rates (Terms and conditions apply)