Hearing Aids

Deafness is not a defect with which you have to live your entire life. It has a remedy and a cure.Hearing machines are available and work excellently well to cure deafness. If you are looking for an effective hearing machine in Kolkata, then you are at the right page with us.

At R.K. Hear Care you can most certainly find the B.T.E. (Behind the Ear) products which will fit well and make the sound clear and comprehensible. The fittings are comfortable and do not exert any kind of pressure upon the ear lobes.

The excellence of these products however lies in the fact that the digital WDRC amplifier works wonders with simple automatic audio detection settings. The added features like programmable frequencies and automatic microphone noise reduction with volume control are just some unique aspects of the products available with us.

So, if you are looking for an ear machine in Kolkata, West Bengal, R.K. Hear Care is the place for you!