How to select the right ear machine or hearing aid

There is no dearth of hearing machines available on the market. However, which would suit you the most? Well, the answer actually depends on a number of things. The major concern is the nature and extent of the hearing loss, its cause as well as severity. And, the reports of different hearing tests are the best to help your audiologist or the hearing aid expert to make right recommendation regarding ear machine.

Here are the key things that would help you evaluate available options.

  • If you are suffering from severe hearing loss, using a large machine would be good for you.
  • If you are susceptible to excessive earwax buildup or to ear inflammations, small hearing machines are not recommended. They may get damaged easily and quickly by the earwax as well as draining ear fluid. Better you look for something else that would suit your condition.
  • If you want to lessen certain types of background noise while boosting sound frequencies, every small hearing aid may not help you. And, you will be likely to go with your trouble hearing.
  • If you are an avid user of electronic devices such as music players, cell phones or laptops that send wireless signal, you are likely to opt for a hearing machine, which is absolutely compatible with the devices that you frequently use.
  • The costs of the hearing aids vary from size and features. Usually insurance providers don’t provide coverage towards such aids. So your budget or financial capacity is another important factor that might impact your decision.
  • If you are concerned about your look with the ear machine, let the hearing aid professional or the audiologist know about this. He or she is the best person to help you shortlist the choices to what would be perfect suit both to your look and hearing requirements.
  • Your dexterity is another thing to consider with priority. If you are a victim of arthritis, you might face difficulties with inserting and removing small earning machines. In this scenario, choosing for a large device would be better for you as you can easily handle it.

How they work

Hearing aids or ear machines use basic ear parts for carrying sounds from surroundings into the ear and to make the sound louder and clearly audible. Usually, such aids are digital and powered with battery specifically designed for operating hearing machines. The small microphone of the device collects sound from environment which then gets converted into a digital code with the help of computer chip equipped with an amplifier. The chip analyses and makes adjustment to the sound depending on the extent of hearing loss, listening requirements and intensity of the surrounding sound. Amplified signals now converted back into audible sound waves and get delivered to the ears by means of speakers.

Types of hearing aids

The key types of hearing aids are as follows:

  • Completely-in-the-canal or CIC
  • In the canal or ITC
  • In the ear or ITE
  • Behind the ear or BTE
  • Receiver-in-canal or RIC

Know the Benefits of Opting for Hearing Tests at an Early Age

If there ever was one thing that nobody thinks to be necessary at an early age, it is getting their hearing tested. Regardless, however, it remains something that is definitely a good idea to get done, simply because of the fact that if there is something that needs to be addressed, it can be done before it becomes a serious and sometimes irreversible issue. Considering how easy it is to get a hearing test done, keeping in mind that you can simply visit a hearing aid centre for it, you can understand the ease with which you can make sure that you ‘prevent’, rather can ‘cure’. Discussed below are some undeniable benefits that you can expect to reap as a result of getting your hearing ability tested time to time from a young age.

Why You Should Get Your Hearing Tested from a Young Age

Your Relations Improve

It can so happen that when your hearing ability starts to wane, you start to tend to avoid conversations to spare your co-conversationalist the trouble of having to repeat everything they say. As the professionals at a hearing aid centre test your hearing, they will tell you what you need to do to ensure that you are able to hear in a much better way. As the symptoms start to improve, you will notice that you have found a newfound interest in partaking in conversations, and this is something that your family, friends and everybody around will start to appreciate.

Your Overall Health Improves

Another massive benefit of getting your hearing checked regularly from a young age is that your health starts to improve in its entirety. The thing worth noting here is the fact that hearing loss has come to be related with numerous serious health issues, including loss of brain tissue, depressions, cognitive decline, dementia and a much-increased risk of falling down. The older you are, the more difficulty you are going to have in undoing these damages. However, if you keep the things under control by getting your hearing checked regularly, you start to keep many worrying health and psychological conditions at bay.

Improved Overall Quality of Life

As mentioned before, it can be extremely frustrating to be hearing impaired at whichever degree. As you start to go into a shell, invariably your quality of life starts to reduce considerably. In case tests reveal that you do have early stages of hearing loss and once you have been treated for the issue, you will start to realise that you are starting to hear little sounds in the environment that you may have forgotten because of the hearing impairment, notwithstanding the degree of it.

As you can see, there are numerous benefits of going to a hearing aid centre to have your auditory powers tested. You can rest assured that you will be the gainer as a result of this; definitely, if you are proved to have an impaired hearing ability.

8 Home Remedies to Improve Your Hearing Loss & Deafness (Infographic)

The six senses that we acquire gradually as we take our position in this world is no less than a miracle. We only realize its true worth when we lose it either temporarily or God forbid, permanently in an accident.

Hearing loss is a very common phenomenon and there are innumerable home remedies to increase hearing.

While we struggle in our day to day lives to gain a competitive edge over our colleagues, loss of hearing could be an enormous deterrent to moving ahead in our careers.

If you are facing such a problem and need help, read on and you will find useful tips to improve your hearing, the easy way.

Hearing loss treatment at home has become very popular especially among this generation.

There are many ways by which we could lose our hearing. The most common are listening to loud music, some viral diseases, collection of mucus in the inner ear etc. People can also become deaf due to complications arising from the intake of certain drugs.

Home Remedies to Improve Your Hearing Loss & Deafness (Infographic)

I am sure by this time you must be really curious to know about the home remedies that can cure your deafness.

So I won’t waste anymore of your time and explain in detail 9 of the best ways to treat your loss of hearing.

1. Using Acupressure to cure your deafness


This is one of the best home remedies to increase hearing and has its roots in oriental medicine. It is said that hearing problems occurs when our kidneys don’t function properly and acupressure can relieve the pain. Follow these steps and you will feel a marked difference and improved ear condition.

• Press the ear with your fingertips by folding the upper portion of the ear over the ear’s outlet. Then tap the sides of your head above your ears. Keep it gentle. Repeat this a 100 times and see the difference

• Alternatively, you can press the depression in your ear formed when you open your mouth. Hold it for 2 minutes till it is sore. Repeat for both ears.

2. Following a healthy diet to improve hearing loss

healthy diet to improve hearing loss

A healthy diet constitutes mainly of all types of green leafy vegetables that have antioxidant features which will help you in recovering from a bad ear condition. Colourful fresh fruits, onions, garlic etc. have all properties that treat lack of hearing.

Another entity containing a lot of antioxidants is Vitamins and taking different types of such supplements daily is a simple way to improve your hearing. A lot of home remedies for deaf ear talk primarily of eating healthy foods that contain antioxidants.

Try this diet and see for yourself.

3. Ear irrigation treatment for deaf ear

Ear irrigation treatment for deaf ear

This treatment is a sure fire way of reversing hearing loss and can be done from the comfort of your home. Usually as we age, ear wax builds up inside our ears and that can be one of the main reasons for going deaf. Irrigating your ears can remove this ear wax and provide you with immense relief.

Ear irrigation kits are readily available in your neighbourhood pharmacies and getting one could be one of the best home remedies for deaf ear. If you have already used one of these kits and did not find a solution, then it is highly recommended that you consult an ENT specialist.

4. Keep Exercising in order to remove bad ear condition

Keep Exercising

The surest way of staying fit is to exercise daily. This not only keeps your body in shape but also grows your immune system. It is a known fact that exercise keeps common cold, fever, viruses from attacking your body. But not many people know that it also cures deafness. Indeed one of the most common hearing loss treatments at home involves certain physical exercises that I will now discuss below.

• Take in a deep breath and exhale slowly
• Keep the end of your palms on the pressure points behind your ears and entangle your fingers with the index finger over your middle finger
• Put a lot of pressure on the pressure points
• After this put your head down
• Repeat this procedure 35 times
• Please do it daily for pronounced effects

5. Treating your ear with Tea Tree Oil for immediate results

Treating your ear with Tea Tree Oil for immediate results

Tea tree oil has a properties that when applied to your ear cures haring loss. This is one of the important home remedies to increasing hearing and if used correctly can show wondrous results. For best resolution, you need to mix this oil with Apple cider vinegar, olive oil and a colloidal. Apply it 4 times daily for a minimum 2 days to get desired results.

6. Taking Ginkgo Biloba Extract for deafness


One of the primary causes of deafness is bad circulation of blood in your brain. Ginkgo Biloba takes care of all your circulation needs and treats your hearing loss effectively. For best results, it is recommended to take 60 mg to 250 mg of Ginkgo Biloba extract daily. This should be administered orally into your body.

You can wait for a month or two before it starts curing your deafness.

7. Application of Table salt to treat hearing loss

Table salt to treat hearing loss

If you are looking for a great home remedy to treat hearing loss then please do use salt poultice. Salt Poultice is made by heating Table salt in the microwave for 4 minutes and spreading it over a cloth. Tie up the corners of this cloth to make a round leak proof salt poultice. Apply this to your bad ear as many times as you would like.

See the results in a day or two.

8. Eating bone marrow for curing bad ear

Eating bone marrow for curing bad ear

You can make a mouth-watering dish of bone marrow soup with sheep’s bones or organic beef and include onion, garlic and kidney beans. This should be given in proper proportions and cooked an earthen pot for best results.

Some seasoning like cumin, turmeric and black pepper should also be mixed with the meat. You should have this daily for better results.

Warning: Please consult with Doctors, before applying the above mentioned tips.